Thursday, 11 July 2013

A gripping gift...

Mr Jackson has really captured my sons respect this year, he obviously has the intuition needed to handle 13 year olds with 'flicky' hair and attitude! Jake has enjoyed every moment of his class and he very often comes home and tells me funny things the teacher has said or done. Mr Jackson has been calling Jake 'Peg' all year (Rolf Harris-Jake the peg) and we wanted him to know Jake has appreciate his time in his class. So I found this giant peg on eBay and used my sizzix neon alphabet decorative strip for the lettering to create this. I covered the lettering with some Anita 3D clear gloss liquid to give it a lovely embossed finish.

Because Jake chickened out of giving it to him, I popped it in an envelope and left it with the school office to hand on. I know, I know, I'm one of 'those' mums:)
Apparently the teacher opened up the envelope during Jakes lesson with him today and read the accompanying note I had put in there out loud:)) haha I can only imagine how embarrassing that was.


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